Security Guards - Full-Time

Austin, TX

St. Stephen's Episcopal School, a day and boarding school of 690 students (grades 6-12), is seeking two full-time Security Guards, one with a shift schedule of Friday - Sunday at 7am - 3pm and Monday - Tuesday at 6am - 2pm, and the second with a shift schedule of Monday - Friday, 2 - 10pm.


  • Conduct patrols of designated areas, both on foot and in vehicle;
  • Monitor entrances/exits of campus;
  • Provide access control at the Security Main Gate;
  • Unlock and lock facilities as directed;
  • Create and maintain daily logs, incident reports, and any other documentation as needed;
  • Respond to fire alarms and other emergency situations;
  • Conduct school wide emergency drills as directed;
  • Monitor and direct traffic during high traffic times and large events including parking throughout the campus;
  • Utilize cell phones, computers, and radios in the performance of one’s duties.


  • Minimum 21 years of age. Security experience preferred;
  • Possess or have the ability to complete level II non-commissioned certification and CPR/AED certification;
    Clean driving record for past three years and no felony criminal history;
  • High school diploma or GED;
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills; 
  • Able to stand and walk for extended periods of time, lift up to 50 pounds, as needed, and have visual acuity to work and drive at night;
  • Must possess a proven ability to:
    • Comply with all school policies and procedures with respect to uniform, appearance, attendance, scheduling, etc.;
    • Effectively and positively interact with community members and outside entities;
    • Handle crisis situations in a calm and professional manner;
    • Use sound judgment and critical thinking when making decisions;
    • Observe or otherwise obtain information from all relevant sources as part of an incident investigation;
    • Display courteous and situationally appropriate behavior.

Equal access to employment, programs and services is available to all. With respect to its employment practices, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation or identity.

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and their resume for consideration.