Substitute Teachers, 2023-24

Austin, TX

St. Stephen's Episcopal School, a day and boarding school of 705 students (grades 6-12), will be hiring qualified Substitute Teachers in all subject areas for grades 6-12. Substitute teachers can play an important role in delivering classroom instruction during a regular teacher's absence. Substitute teachers should demonstrate knowledge in their subject area, a commitment to student learning and engagement, and enthusiasm for working with adolescents. Flexibility in schedule and location is essential.

Ideal candidates will hold a 4-year degree(s) in their field(s) of expertise, have experience working with adolescents, and express enthusiasm about working collaboratively with other teachers.

Applicants should be aware that substitute teacher positions exist on the basis of need and the hours may vary depending on the needs of the school.

St. Stephen’s has a longstanding commitment to being an inclusive community. Equal access to employment, programs, and services is available to all. With respect to its employment practices, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation or identity.

Qualified candidates should submit their resume, a cover letter, and a teaching philosophy statement.